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I want to get out and about! Invite me to your event.

Toro holding invitationI don’t want you thinking I’m high-maintenance, but I’m required to share this list with you when you invite me to your event.

I can’t wait to meet you and your guests!

Mascot Request Criteria

The Trailblazers is the mascot of Tarrant County College. The name symbolizes the hard-working, dedicated spirit of Tarrant County College students, alumni, faculty and staff who continue to blaze new trails.

General Request Criteria

All requests should align with the mission of Tarrant County College to provide ‘affordable and open access to quality teaching and learning.’
  • All on-campus and off-campus requests must be submitted through the TCC Mascot Reservation Form.
  • Requests should be made two weeks in advance.
  • Requests should be within the Tarrant County service area.
  • Requests will be accepted for a maximum of a two-hour time-frame.
  • Requests may include appearances at TCC campuses, local schools, churches, community centers or other events.
  • Appearances should be requested as an enhancement/addition to an event, not as the event itself.
  • An individual on site be assigned to serve as the helper for Toro–to meet Toro upon arrival and stay with him through the end of the event.
  • A room must be provided on-site as a changing area.
Trailblazers Tarrant County College

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