2019 Bond Program Updates

Bond Proposal Overview

In November 2019, Tarrant County voters approved TCC’s $825 million bond proposal to fund a plan that will construct, improve, renovate and equip buildings throughout the six-campus district. An additional $12 million will be added to the NW Campus redevelopment to support the Early College High School program.

Northwest Campus Drone Flyovers

March 2024

Southeast Campus Drone Flyovers

March 2024

Bond Program Quick Facts

3G8P Budget: $35,000,000
MEP/Infrastructure Budget: $46,000,000
Northwest Campus Redevelopment Budget: $366,000,000
Southeast Campus Expansion Budget: $187,000,000

2023 CIP Holding Budget: $321,000,000

TOTAL: $955,000,000

Improvements towards the 3 Goals and 8 Principles

The 2019 TCC bond improvement proposition follows our community college’s core 3 goals and 8 principles by providing an affordable and accessible college education, continued learning, and job-training for all Tarrant County residents.

Learning Commons

Learning Commons are an integrated component with the College-wide active learning experience and foster greater student engagement by meeting student needs in a dynamic and flexible environment. Libraries are undergoing physical and programmatic changes and are less about books and more about supporting learning activities.

Integrated Instructional Learning Environments

The College embraces a culture of teaching and learning as the foundation of its mission, and supporting innovation in space, technology, and teaching practices serves as the core for student learning and success. To that end, the transformation of learning spaces beyond the traditional format to accommodate additional learning experiences such as experiential and active learning environments, helps better support the learning needs of students.

Integrated Student Success Model

The College dedicates significant resources focused on student success including faculty and staff, space, equipment, and technology. Successful integration of these resources is fundamental to the learning experience, so that the College is a welcoming environment for students that promotes learning.

Student Experience

A Student-Ready College provides an experience for students that is welcoming, simple to understand, provides a clear pathway, and breaks down barriers. Streamlined processes which are more student-centric ensure that students get through the door and on their desired pathway more quickly.

Scheduling and Facility Utilization

A student-centered schedule of classes is offered and supports student access and success.

Campus Character and Quality

A Student-Ready College provides a welcoming and easily navigated experience for students and uses space effectively to maximize the student experience.

Workspace Environments

Redesigned workspace environments will promote more collegiality, enhance spatial quality, provide flexibility and increased efficiency, and support a culture of collaboration.

High Schools

Building and maintaining strong P-20 partnerships is essential for the student pathways to success. The dual enrollment (Early College High Schools) and dual credit partnerships with local ISDs support student transition to college.