TCC Northwest Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony Links Past and Future

The past and future of TCC Northwest stood shoulder-to-shoulder on May 5 at a ceremony dedicating two new buildings, but even as the celebrants looked to the future, they also looked back, gratefully, to a rich past.

The formal ribbon-cutting took place before an overflow audience in NW05, one of two new buildings along with NW01. Both are just a few steps away from the original campus buildings, still swaddled with scaffolding after damage from a windstorm in 2016 and destined for demolition over the next few months.

Campus President Zarina Blankenbaker took the lemons-to-lemonade view, noting that, had it not been for that windstorm, the present redevelopment program might never have happened. She cited an ancillary benefit to the campus family, saying it has “grown more flexible, more inventive, more willing to endure the present to reap the benefits of the future.”