Update on Northwest at Alliance OWTL Corporate Services

In September of 2018 Corporate Services relocated from a leased space onto the third floor of the OWTL on Northwest Campus.  The floor was partially occupied and only a section of the floor was renovated for Corporate Services use at the time.

The entire approximately 35,000 sf floor became available in 2020 and was renovated from a combined office and classroom environment to a corporate training environment.  The project included multiple state of the art training rooms, open concept working environments, several large gathering spaces, huddle rooms, new gender neutral restrooms, break out spaces, and an event center.  Corporate Services will now be able to utilize their fully renovated space to work with business, community, economic development organizations, and industry associations to develop the workforces of Tarrant County.

Design Professional:  Lockwood, Andrews, and Newnam (LAN)

Contractor: Imperial Construction

Project Manager: Jade Ansley