Northwest Campus Redevelopment Walkthrough

For the last four years the interior of TCC Northwest’s newest building, known in the College’s naming scheme as NW05, had existed only as lines and squiggles on paper. Early this month, however, about 50 faculty, staff and students got a sneak preview of what the facility will look like when it opens for business in May.

The walkthrough was arranged with Jacobs, the company overseeing implementation of the College’s bond program, and Skanska, Construction Manager for the Northwest Campus Redevelopment Project.

The building was still very much a work in progress, but these three people, among those most connected with it, offered their impressions.

Zarina Blankenbaker, Campus President — Walking through the almost complete building was a surreal experience. I choose to describe it in this manner because it was unbelievable and fantastic both at the same time to see the manifestation of our community’s commitment to the quality of teaching and learning coming together. More importantly, the commitment of our faculty and staff to the vision of 3G8P. It is exciting and energizing for Northwest to be able to visually see positive progress in the creation our new bright and spacious learning and working spaces designed with equity and empathy in mind.

Greta Bowling, Dean, Mathematics and Science Division — I was excited to see the spaces come to life for the first time.  One of the first thoughts I had in the lab spaces was how open they were in comparison to our current lab spaces.  In addition, the storage spaces in the way of cabinetry were better than expected. I am eager to move in and see how the students, faculty and staff experience the new spaces.  The entire science wing gave way to ample natural light and had a good flow.

Sammy Jepsen, President, Student Government Association — I was extremely surprised and pleased at how much was done, that they had accomplished so much. The building looked pretty much complete with the exception of some walls, floors and lighting, but it was very well done. Very impressed. I believe Supplemental Instruction is going to be moving into one of the new buildings during the summer and I’m an SI leader so I will definitely be actively using that new building, which is going to be a great experience.

Initially I didn’t like the design of the building because I didn’t want the new campus building to be another set of offices, just like Trinity River. But as we went through the building and went from room to room and saw the overall design of the building, it was very well done. It definitely has that school, college feeling, but it has a modernistic feeling, as well. I was afraid it was all glass, but it’s not. You have paneling, and different buildings are going to be different colors based where you’re going to go. So, it was very intricately designed, and I commend the architects and the board.